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If you are tired and frustrated about releasing within 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and cannot just get proper erections, then this will be the most important message you will read this year.

Here’s My Story…...

My name is Ben a civil servant and I will be honest with you I was once in your shoes. I practically looked everywhere both on the internet and offline for a solution to my quick ejaculation, small manhood size and weak erections.The truth is, I was frustrated just like you are now.

My wife was complaining bitterly about my sexual performance.She complained about how I would release within just 15 seconds of penetrating her and sometimes she cries about how my manhood was so small and tiny like that of a baby.As a man, it was like an insult and it was affecting my marriage badly.

You see, my wife was saying the truth… I was supposed to be ashamed of myself when it comes to making love to her.Within 30 seconds I would release my semen everywhere, and there was no sexual stamina to even go another round.Even worse, anytime I look at my small manhood I really felt bad.So just like you…

I started to try several things that claimed they could increase my manhood size, I bought several drugs sold both on the internet and advertised in big pharmaceutical stores… but nothing seemed to work! Some products would just give me a bit increment of my manhood but after sometime it will go back to the usual small size.

Premature Ejeculation is a silent killer that cannot be easily discussed with your partner. Weak Erection and Premature Ejaculation can lead to depression thereby making it complicated and resulting to high BP,

When anxiety over Premature and Weak Ejaculation lead to other sexual dysfunction, the cycle can turn in on itself.

Fortunately, You Can Put An End To The Shame Caused By Your Embarrassing Small Iroko, Weak Erection And Chronic Premature Ejaculation – And it’s Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible

  • Are You Finding It Difficult To Impregnate Your Wife?
  • Is Your Bedroom Life A Failure Due To Weak Erection?
  • Are You Having Premature Ejaculation?
  • Are you Having Small Manhood Problem etc.?

Now, the next question is.... What are other men doing about their weak erection, premature ejaculation and baby size penis???

If you ask 100  men what to do to have consistent and rock hard erections, most of them will have no idea.

  • Some will tell you to drink beer or alomo 2 hours before having sex.

  • Some will tell you to take "Mixture and Combine"

  • And the rest will tell you to take something like Viagra,Tramadol and other Hard drugs

Then This Information Is For You


Bee Pollen and Gin-chia Products. These Are Best Natural Herbal Solution for Weak Erection, Premature Ejaculation and Small P3nis Syndrome

Forever Bee Pollen and Gin-Chia is the best clinically proven herbal supplement products used to treat weak erection and premature ejaculation hence, enhances and boost sexual performance.

Modern science has confirmed that this plant called Bee Pollen improves libido and sexual prowess, increases the count of spermatozoids, regulates testosterone levels, increases strength and endurance, which makes it a very popular tonic with athletes of many countries. 

Bee Pollen is unquestionably, experimentally as well as scientifically confirmed to act positively to increase energy and stamina, reduce depression, balance the hormones, correct all forms of erectile dysfunction and increase fertility in both sexes.

Bee Pollen consist of many phyto- compounds, very nourishing and beneficial for the human body. Among those are significant quantities of amino acids, carbohydrates, many minerals including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron etc, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and I, and many glycosidesis. It a powerful antioxidants that helps your body in a number of ways. ​It comes with a powerful combination of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and the wonder mineral called Selenium.

Selenium is important for the sexual health in men. It keeps the testes and seminal vesicles healthy and promotes the production of sperm and its mobility.

​Vitamin E has been referred to by many experts as the ”SEX VITAMIN” due to its very strong influence on Men’s Sexual Health. Vitamin E increases blood flow and oxygen to your genitalia. It is also a key player in the production of your sex hormones to give you that sex drive boost.

Used as both food and medicine. Tones your muscle, delivers enough stamina, manages stress, arouses sexual desire and fertility in both men and women​.

It provides high value of phytonutrients which give you more energy, youthful power, more health, and healthy vitality.

  • It enhances Strong and Sustains Erection and Corrects Infertility in both Male and Female
  • It helps to increase Seminal Fluid Volume
  • Increases Sperm Count per ejaculation and Increases DHEA in most male
  • Increases testosterone level and help build muscle mass
  • Improves sperm quality, formation and Increases Stronger Sperm Mobility
  • It helps to Correct Hormonal Imbalance by Stimulating the Body to produce the Right Quantities of Hormones

Treating Male infertility, Weak erection and Low sperm count becomes more effective when combined with another Super Herbal Supplement called Forever Gin-Chia.